Hello Kitty,

Your work is phenomenal! Our Bethesda customers will be happy with these new menus. We needed personality on our walls and we got it!
— C.C., Manager, Breads Unlimited, Bethesda, Maryland
Hi Kitty:

We wanted to thank you again for your work a few years ago turning our bathroom into a fabulous walk-into-the landscape grass shack on the beach with your magical trompe l’oeil technique, and for transforming our kitchen with your fantasy still-life tile painting.

Our good news to share is that we just sold our home at our asking price with less than 24 hours on the market. We are sure that the special touches you made with your paintings were important to the purchasers’ decision not to risk the home going to someone else. Unfortunately the sale of our home means that we will not be continuing to live in the place with the little worlds you created for us. However, we have taken photos to remind us and it is a pleasure for us to think of the next family enjoying them.

Attached are photos of your work from the real estate listing service. Please let us know if you would like others for your website.

Wishing You the Best,
Marc G. and Liz W.
Dear Kitty,

I want to thank you again for the beautiful job you did on my armoire. I love the flowers, colors and the way you balanced everything to perfection. I look at the armoire and just feel so happy! You were so easy to work with and very respectful of my suggestions and comments. I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is looking for a talented artist to help make their home more beautiful.

Lianne F.
The most beautiful Menu Board ever!
Vignola Gormet, Rockville, MD.
Dear Kitty

I want to begin by thanking you for painting such an exceptional mural at Delhi 6. Words are not enough to express the way we feel every time we look at it. Just saying it is beautiful will not capture it - it is a masterpiece. The way it has come out is due to your eye for details, and you have brought the Red Fort out in every aspect. I had a certain vision when I chose this image, and you went way beyond that.

My husband and I both enjoyed working with you and truly want to thank you for all the hard work that you put in, adding to the beauty of our dream project. We have recommended you to many of our friends and customers, who are in awe of the mural, and will continue to do so.

Wishing you the best always.
S.S and A.K.

Thanks so much for the lovely drawings. I could have looked all over the country and not found a better illustrator. Your work has tremendous expressiveness and sensitivity.

B. H., Author
Damascus, Maryland
Kitty McNaughton’s murals are a spectacular addition to The Hospice Caring Cottage’s décor. Kitty’s whimsical creativity shines throughout our offices and brings joy, warmth and beauty. Each design has charming, perfect details and visitors are enchanted to find them. Spirit Designs [murals] are unique and make a lasting impression.

Jeannette Mendonca
Executive Director
Hospice Caring, Inc.
I have known Kitty McNaughton for over twelve years and she has done decorative painting in the last two homes that we have lived in.

Kitty has done faux finishing, old world painting, murals, calligraphy, florals, vines, strie, and glazing projects in both of our homes. One of our favorite creations by Kitty is a full wall mural of a forest of Colorado Aspen trees in our daughter’s bedroom. We also liked the old world textured painting that she did on the walls in our prior family room so much that we invited her to do the same creation in our new home.

I especially enjoy working with Kitty because she brings forth creative suggestions, brainstorms ideas, and she also trouble shoots ideas for areas that are in need of a creative lift. Additionally, Kitty has an excellent eye for color and she always comes up with perfect color shades for any project.

I appreciate Kitty very much and I can count on her to do the best job possible.

Maggie M.
Potomac, Maryland